Brunch n’ Jumps

December 13, 2020
Mark your calendars, MeadowCreek Park will be having it’s second annual Brunch n’ Jumps: Schooling Jumper Show. This event is perfect for riders who love the environment of a schooling show but miss the joy of Sunday brunch because they are always at the barn with their horses. Entries open November 1st.

Jumper rounds are $15 dollars in addition to the $35 dollar grounds fee. Brunch tickets are $15,. Green as Grass (18 inches, simple course) through Prelim (3’7 full course) jumper rounds offered. Entries close on Tuesday, November 26th and ride times will be posted on Friday, November 29th. Open Schooling offered November 30th -December 1st Payment is due by November 26th. Releases, and signatures will be collected upon arrival at MeadowCreek Park.
Brunch Menu:
-Fresh fruit
-Scrambled Eggs
-Bacon & Sausage 
-Breakfast potatoes 
-Coffee, Juice & other beverages.
*Brunch available till noon. Tickets can be purchased for $15 on Sunday.*

Entries Open: November 15th
Entries Closed: December 6th
Ride Times: Available on Thursday, November 11th
Check In: Saturday, Nov 30 at 3:00pm – 5:00pm or Sunday, Dec 1